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    Creative World

    After many questions and comments we have actually introduced a Creative Plots world! Basically, this is a world that allows you to build freely, in creative, without having to worry about griefing, land claims etc. You can let your mind run free! Don't worry, all of your Survival builds are...
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    Are you Rank Z?

    Hello Everyone! Some of you may be wondering what actually happens when you get to Z. Honestly, we don't know yet! We're thinking of ways that you guys can still work towards things using in-game currency, we're just not sure what those ways are yet, so if you have any suggestions, please...
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    Report Template

    Please use this template when reporting rulebreakers. Please also do not be vague on answers (no "simple" answers, please) <In game name> accused of <what they're doing> Report a rulebreaker with the template below: In-Game Name: - Suspect's In-Game-Name: - Reason for reporting (Which rule...
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    Tips and Info On Becoming A Trainee

    Hey! Welcome to the forums, this post will mostly be about how to make your application better. As well as some things you shouldn't do in this section, to keep it more clean. I'd like to start off by saying there is NO age limit on becoming staff! We base our opinions on maturity of the...
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    Staff Application Template

    (The name of the topic or subject must be your Minecraft Username) Example: Robingall2910's Trainee Application NOTE: Discord is a requirement! If you are unable to use discord you will not be accepted! It is a vital aspect of the staff team, to work as efficient as possible. Also, having a...
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    Staff Application Responses (Please Read)

    These guidelines are for both staff and members to comment on staff applications. Since we think it's important for members to also voice their opinions. ---- 1. When staff members respond to an application, there should be only 4 valid responses a. Vouch (with or without justification) and...
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    Punishment Appeal Template

    Please no vague answers (no one-word answers for questions you could elaborate on) <Your in-game name>'s Ban Appeal Ban Appeal In-Game Name: - Reason for ban: - Who you were banned by: - Why you believe you should be un-banned: - [OPTIONAL] Proof of innocence: -